Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monkey Shine

Dear Monkey,

You are refusing to sleep... yet again.  Its been six hours since your last nap, and despite countless efforts, I just can't convince you to close your eyes.  As I type you are calling for me from your cot - crying and babbling and getting more hysterical by the minute.  You are beyond tired.  The type of tired where you scratch at your eyes and start cackling like a possessed spirit when I pat your back.

I read about separation anxiety... is that the problem perhaps?  Are you afraid to shut your eyes incase I'm not there when you wake up?  My beautiful child, you are the sunniest, most wonderful gift that life has bestowed upon me... I will sit at the foot of your bed and watch over you forever.

I like to think that you fight sleep so fiercely and with such determination for the simple reason that you know that you are my sunshine.  I miss you when you sleep... its like the sun has gone behind a cloud.  But sometimes when I creep into your room, I can see the golden beauty of your dreams cast upon your face and I feel my soul being dipped in glittering light.

Finally you are quiet... peace descends around us like falling snow.  Off you go, my little boy... sleep the sleep of an exhausted angel.

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Raewyn said...

You write the most beautiful words! Hope your little monkey starts sleeping a bit better - it gets rather exhausting when they don't sleep!

Jane said...

Oh, Sweetheart! I've been there so many times. Once they get overtired, it's near impossible to get them to sleep. When that happens with Sam, we leave him in his cot (even though he's objecting like crazy) and eventually he crashes. It might take some time but it does happen. Hang in there, there's so much to learn with L-plates on! J x

Em from Faded White Linen said...

I wish I had your ability to make something sound so incomprehensibly beautiful. A rare talent xx

Amy said...

Finding something uplifting and heart-warming in something that can be so achingly hard for a Mum - to hear your baby cry for you and not be able to lay with him. I've been there and it gets a little easier - slowly, slowly...x