Friday, July 22, 2011

Icing on My Family

I'm back.  From where?  From the laundry, from Africa, from the vacuum of daily life!  I have been so busy blending spag bol and patting lions that I've neglected my first true love... my macbook :(  "Oh keyboard, it seems like forever since I touched you".

Today, in the the rather chilly pre-dawn hours, as I lay waiting  for the Monkey to begin his morning Hadada call (my feet resting forlornly on the cold hot water bottle - damn electricity prices!), I began thinking about all the things that have fallen off my tram lately... things that have become the victims of my over-zealous, uber-motherly prioritisation campaign.  I no longer do yoga.  I haven't picked up a paint brush in nearly a year.  My toenail polish is older than my son.  I can't remember when I last took a photo of anything vintage (in my world, this spells crisis!).  And very worst of all, I haven't written anything for such a long, long time its a wonder I can still construct sentences.

Family life is busy.  The days are so packed full with doing things, I'm in danger of morphing into a verb.  Keeping a burly ten-month old fed, clean and amused is kind of like being a cross between a zoo-keeper and a circus clown.  Trying to fit in some income-earning work on top of that, well frankly, life becomes a whirlwind of pureed pumpkin, Omo and the odd intelligent thought.

So, in a bold and slightly self-indulgent move, I've decided to reclaim the icing on my family!  I NEED to do yoga.  I NEED to paint things, my toes included.  I NEED to acquire and photograph old stuff.  And I absolutely NEED to write about it.  We all have the precious things in life that fill up the cracks and crevices of our souls with love.  It is not sinful to do these things.  Rather, it is crucial to our happiness to try to cram in as much joy as possible!  

On that note, I'm off to attempt yoga with a Monkey on my back :)


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Anna said...

I would choose shopping and sewing for my icing x

Jane said...

Oh, Sweetheart, good for you! You're clever for working that out so early in the piece. It took a lot longer for the penny to drop for me, to my great detriment. I'm looking forward to update reports on how you go! J x

Lucy Upton said...

Love it Ang! There is never enough time - Enjoy your yoga and good luck getting the paints out with the monkey around!!! Maybe it's time to introduce him to finger painting!