Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Angel

My friend Anna recently had a baby... her third!  It got me thinking about the wonder of a newborn.  The way their little bodies are such a contradiction - so fragile yet so strong all at once.  The way their faces become transparent with divine light and beauty when they sleep, as though they are not quite yet part of our world - I'm convinced they travel to the heavens in their dreams and touch the stars.  To hold that tiny quivering body in your arms and feel a heartbeat that started as a glint in the eye of love, is the closest we might ever come to knowing the beauty of our own existence. 

... and then they wake up and cry their newborn cry, reminding us that life is a crazy, hungry business!

(this beautiful photo was taken by the gorgeous and talented Emma Durkin)


Jane said...

Oh, Ang! What a delightfully written post. All so true. Especially the last bit! J x

Bubby Makes Three said...

a pic like that instantly makes me want to have another baby. Can't help myself. What is it about babies that melt a woman's heart -- even that of a woman stoutly convinced she has finished having children?!!?

Amy said...

Beautiful Angela. I've never considered myself to be a religious person [spiritual maybe but not religious in a traditional sense]. but the first time I glimpsed the perfection of my son's eyelashes and fingernails after he was born made me question my faith [or rather lack of!], beautifully written xx