Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Signs

For ages I have been looking for a name sign for the Monkey's room but couldn't find one that had any character or reflected his quirky nature.  The other day while out walking, I spied a skip bin full of old floor boards... perfect ... I basically had to climb inside the bin to find a board small enough, but I refused to be defeated.  One scraped shin and a torn t-shirt later I managed to get my hands on a lovely specimen, complete with nails in the back ready for hanging!  Once home, the whole process took no more than 15 minutes... here's how:

1. Take one old floor board (roughly 50cm long) and scrub clean.

2. Select tools - I chose white paint and a pointed brush for a simple look.

3. Get to work.

TIP: I bent the old nails over to form hooks that I then tied ribbon to for hanging - you could easily hammer in some nails to the back of the board if need be.

Photos by me


Posie Patchwork said...

Let's hope he can read & sleeps there!! Men are very good at following labels, good luck!! Love Posie

Jane said...

You clever mama! Leo's a lucky lad. J x