Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Play Ideas (0-6 months)

I have been beset with a baby who believes that daytime sleeps are for sissies... as a result, we have huge chunks of time throughout the day that need to be filled in with play activities - something that sounds easy but is in fact surprisingly difficult when your baby is not yet old enough to sit up. Here are some play ideas that the Monkey enjoys:

  • Peek-a-boo - if only Mama could keep this up for as long as the Monkey wanted to play!
  • Singing silly songs - the fact that I can't hold a tune only seems to add to his delight.
  • Dancing to music - he loves to bounce around on my hip while I dance to Dr Hook.
  • Jolly Jumper - hanging one of these from the kitchen door frame has been a life saver... hours of fun just hanging around.
  • Playing with scrunched up paper - just be careful your baby doesn't end up eating it!
  • Chewing his toys - finding the right toys for your baby's age is the key... at the moment, the Monkey enjoys shoving a cloth doll into his mouth that has long, skinny arms and legs (easy for his little hands to hold).
  • Rollathon - the Monkey is mastering the art of the 'roll' and loves to be put on his quilt on the floor where he can roll away to his heart's content.

For more baby play ideas, look here.

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