Sunday, February 27, 2011

So High & Mighty

It's one thing to sit in the new high chair and act cool...

... and quite another to sit still enough to eat!

Photos by me


Jane said...

Oh, Ang, these photos are to be cherished. They're such wriggling monkeys at this stage! J x

henry happened... said...

Hi Angela - so glad to have found your site too! I love your photos! Look forward to reading more about your little man.

BYW classmate & henry happened author

melissa said...

Hi Angela, thanks for dropping by my blog. Love your site - your little boy is very photogenic!

- Melissa

Raewyn said...

Hi Angela. Just found you through 'Bubby Makes Three' blog. When I saw the R20 note hanging from your blog header, I just had to read on.
Looking forward to more of your amazing blog posts!

ConBotasdeAgua said...

Hi there, is the high chair the one from Ikea? How is it? I'm looking for one and saw this one in Ikea but don't really know if it safe enought.
Let me know!
Love your boy and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, I LOVE your's wonderful. Your son is adorable and your blog is just so fun to look at and read. Can't wait to see more :)

-Rachael from BYW