Sunday, March 6, 2011

Astro Boy

Doing the Monkey Crawl

Good Lordy, overnight the Monkey has learned to crawl!!!!  He literally went to bed immobile and woke up with jets strapped to his legs!  Admittedly, it's not a proper crawl... more of a commando shuffle  with a few swimming strokes thrown in for good measure but it's surprisingly fast and effective!

He spent the entire morning roaming the living room floor with a slightly wicked expression on his face. I'm sure he's convinced he can now take over the world... sucking one electric socket at a time!

If anyone is looking for me, I shall be busy baby proofing our apartment... something we of course failed to do in advance!



Jane said...

Ah, just gorgeous, Ang. It's so hilarious when they first start. Joshie only ever commando crawled. India did the standard four-legged version and Sammy did a combination of the two. Good luck with the baby proofing - it'll be in place for years! J x

Elissa said...

Oh my goodness....already! We need to have a catch up! Chat soon,