Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Half Birthday

Dear Monkey,

You are six months old today my gorgeous, chubby, funny little man.  Six roller-coaster months filled with crazy amounts of happiness and the odd moment of utter, tearful despair.  You arrived in our lives looking like a little forest creature who had lost his way in the woods... you belong with the pixies and the elves my blue-eyed boy... you belong in the pages of a storybook.

From a mewling newborn, with funny feet and a single curl, you have grown into the most enchanting baby who sings to the dolphins from his cot in the mornings.  Your laugh is like hearing my own heart speak and your little hands wrapped around my neck are a rope to heaven.  

You love custard more than life itself and nearly fell out of your highchair in your quest for more.  You don't like carrot or cottage cheese, particularly when mixed together!  Your favourite toy is Zippy the blue elephant whom you cuddle in the night when you are all alone and trying to learn to sleep on your own.  You have just mastered snake slithering and show off ALL the time.  You like to stroke my face while you drink your bottle.  You also like to pull my hair which hurts!

I can't imagine my life without you in it.  Part of my own heart lives in your heart and will do so forever. Happy half birthday little Leo Steyn.


Favourite Monkey Moments....


Bubby Makes Three said...

so lovely... sounds like our baby boys are within weeks of one another! Elliott started crawling about a week ago, too! And then yesterday, he pulled him self up into sitting for the first time! We nearly died... love that pic of your boy-o in front of the window btw, doesnt it make you sigh how they are almost not even babies anymore?!

Anna said...

Gorgeous tribute to the most delicious forest elf I have ever met. Happy halfie, Leo, and may your day be full of cuddles, crawling and custard xox

Jane said...

Such a divine post, Ang. Loved it. How quickly we're hooked in their grasp! J x