Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Straight Talking

Once upon a time, I used a hairdryer.... every day!  I also used a straightening iron and owned pots of products designed to tame chaotic, frizzy hair.  I had long, blonde, straight locks that I could wear ten different ways. I developed killer triceps from wielding a hairbrush for half an hour a day. I looked polished.  I looked kept.  I most certainly didn't look like the wild African zoo animal that I occasionally see roaming the house with tufts of hair sticking out at odd angles.

I no longer blow-dry my hair.  I have embraced "the curl", which in turn means that I have embraced "my decline".  I have one look these days - which just so happens to be the exact same messy up-do I was sporting back in 1991, the only difference now being that I spend precisely 30 seconds doing it, rather than the regulation 30 minutes I used to spend back when I was thirteen... at least I have developed authenticity in my old age!

I went to the shops the other day with a wild coif that stood straight up from my head (thanks to the Monkey's monkey grip).  I didn't realise until I got home and was checking to see if I'd managed to scrub all the pumpkin vomit off my back... my humiliation knows no bounds!  No wonder I was the recipient of so many pitying looks from the 'oh so young' and 'oh so judgmental' Slavic gang of high cheek-boned check-out chicks at the local IGA!

One day I hope to have nice hair again.  I believe its possible.  Perhaps when the Monkey learns not to swing from Mama's ponytail like a.... well, like a little monkey really!  Once again I will have use for polishing milks and serums and a hairdryer so powerful it wakes the entire neighbourhood.  But until that day, I'll be the washed up, dishwater blonde with the Year 9 hairstyle!

Ha!  And you thought I was exaggerating!



My First Bub! said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! BYW is brilliant, huh? I'm finding it hard to find the time to keep up though! :P

I happen to love the hairstyle you're sporting above. It looks like you're going for that messy, catwalk-inspired look ;)

Posie Patchwork said...

It's all about keeping it real & just think how much effort you look like you put into your appearance when your husband takes you out to dinner, that's when you can spend half an hour on your hair. Old age, you're like 3 years younger than me!! I was 15/16 in 1991 & pretty sure i wasn't too fussed on my hair back then. Just wait until you go to the shops with a lovely macaroni necklace or name badge from a morning tea or social function - it all just screams "mum". Love Posie

melissa said...

I can completely relate. I'm just glad the trend formessy updos is around - at least I can pretend I was going for that look as opposed to the 'my hair dryed in the car and may contain weetbix' look!

d. said...

thank you for commenting on my blog! glad that you found me, cause now i found you! i love your photography and your whole blog! i will come back reading!
much love, d.

Anonymous said...

My hair looks like this all the time too! I loved this whole post...such a funny, accurate portrayal of the shift in priorities once we've entered motherhood. I don't even own a blowdryer at the moment!

Paula said...

I'm wearing that same hairdo right this second. :)